Our mission is to serve our neighbors in a loving and compassionate environment and to ensure that they leave us with not only their everyday needs met, but also a sense of dignity and worth as a part of God’s Kingdom here on earth. All are welcome regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.

The spiritual needs and growth of our community are an integral part of our ministry, and to that point we offer weekly food distribution, Bible studies, a private room for quiet reflection and prayer, and a lending library to enhance imagination and Christian growth.

The ministry has men and women who are equipped to preach, teach, and pray; also, disciples who can meet the important needs of the people around us. It is our identity. It is what defines us as a church of Jesus Christ.

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Feeding the Flock Ministries Board Members
Worship Coordinator Dee Adams and Food Services Coordinator Michele Bock


The ministry began in 1998 with a vision, a charcoal grille and free hot dogs and drinks served on the sidewalks and street corners of small towns. Jim Adams had received the free salvation of Jesus Christ, and wanted others to know that same freedom. Giving away food and drink signified the free grace and mercy of his Lord. Jim’s love and the love of his Savior was given with each unpretentious hot dog.

What began as a simple idea quickly multiplied into a completely unexpected ministry. Others caught the vision and soon Feeding the Flock, and others who caught the vision, were joining with churches who were doing street evangelism all over the Pittsburgh area. They preached, we fed—all given freely. We never asked for money, yet God’s provision never failed. Soon, we became engaged in various church outreaches—Easter Egg Hunts with thousands of free hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches offered. There were community outreaches designed to bring different denominations together for the good of the community.

In the year 2000, we began to assist Hosanna Industries in their ministry to those who desperately needed home repairs and rebuilding. Their volunteers were fed good homemade lunches of soups, sloppy joes, salads, desserts but also insisted on also having the traditional hot dogs and grilled cheese. It was a blessing to join these faithful volunteers.

Also, in the year 2000, we and several of our volunteers joined forces with the Lighthouse Foundation food bank in Butler. The Rev. Vern Borchert and his ministry was a mentor to our spirits and inspiration to us all. We served there for 18 years.

Our beloved leader Jim “Jimmer” Adams suddenly went to the Lord in 2017. He left a legacy that could not be replaced, but his family, with the leadership of his eldest daughter Michele, wanted to keep alive his desire to provide the free love of Jesus through feeding those in need.

In his memory, Feeding the Flock is continuing to do just that. For years we were referred to as the “church with no walls,” Now, through the generosity of others, and the grace of God, we have walls.

The Word of God was extremely important to Jim and his wife Dee. Weekly Bible studies were always a part of the ministry, and that tradition will continue.

Our prayer is that many others will seize the vision and join us to continue this mission.